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What Does BMI Really Tell Us?

Definitive Diagnostic Tool or Part of a Greater Health Matrix? It’s an easily understood calculation: Body Mass Index, popularly known as BMI, computes an individual’s measure of body fat as…

Colonoscopies Without Fear

Colonoscopies Without Fear Recognize Colorectal Cancer Awareness by learning more about this lifesaving screening. As… The post Colonoscopies Without Fear appeared first on Specialdocs Consultants.

20,000 and You: Unlocking the Genetic Code

In just the past few years, there has been a significant shift in the practical uses of genetic testing, which examines changes, or variants, in your genes that may lead…

Hepatitis C Testing Recommended for All Baby Boomers

It’s called ‘the forgotten virus,’ but after a sustained advertising campaign and years of strong recommendations for testing by the Centers for Disease Control it’s almost certain that the liver-damaging…